In the bumpy journey of life, who gives you the most sincere and cordial love, who cares for you, and always gives you selfless dedication; who tirelessly teaches you the truth of life; who worries about your trivial matters? by the way! It's great mothers. Motherly love is selfless and never stops. No mother does not love her children. In any case, maternal love is the most sincere and difficult emotion in life. Mother will bring you to this world, and then you will have life, with the sustenance of survival. As we grow older, we get tired of our mother's nagging and nagging. However, what did you think when you scolded your mother in a reasonable way? My mother has devoted half her life to nurturing and teaching you. Until the end of her life, if you don't honor her when she is old, but ignore her and get angry with her, how sad and desperate she will be! Which mother doesn't want her son to become a dragon or her daughter to become a phoenix? Which mother will ask for what in return for her children? Meng Jiao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in his "wandering son's chant" who said "inch grass heart, three spring sunshine." The life message of an American citizen in the "9 / 11" disaster in the United States: "Mom, I love you!" How many facts prove that family love is priceless! We should cherish the warmth of the moment! Motherly love affects everything.